About IGEM

IGEM is the professional engineering institution for gas, here to support individuals and organisations connected with the sector.

Who we are

Licenced by the Engineering Council, IGEM is the professional engineering institution for gas – representing thousands of engineers, technicians, managers and other non-engineering roles across the UK and overseas, and hundreds of businesses that are a significant part of the emerging hydrogen supply chain. We are licensed by Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician status and assist individuals to become professionally registered engineers.

As advocates of excellence, IGEM’s core aim is to help all those involved with gas to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional competence. We do this by delivering high quality events and training courses that contribute to Continuing Professional Development and by bringing people together through membership to network together and share knowledge, expertise and best practice.

IGEM owns and develops the cutting-edge standards driving health and safety within the gas industry, including the technical standards needed for hydrogen and biomethane to be delivered through networks to meet demand from buildings, industry, electricity generation and transport. We’re playing an integral part in helping the energy sector to demonstrate and deliver affordable green gas solutions needed by these different demand sectors to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Working with stakeholders from across the industry, we also seek to inform current and future energy policy, whilst representing the views of our members and the wider gas community. Our leadership role for the global gas industry sees us working directly with gas network companies, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, safety experts, academia, regulators, policy advisors and policy makers, to assess the evidence base and develop informed recommendations on the future of the gas grid and its role in delivering a sustainable gas future in the context of a dynamic whole energy system.

Our strapline

Engineering a sustainable gas future

Our ambition

To be the world’s leading institution for gas professionals,
advancing the safety, reliability and sustainability of energy.

Our priorities are core to our operation, supporting the delivery of our strategy for societal benefit:

  1. Promote, inspire and support the attainment and maintenance of the highest standards of professional competence and excellence through the provision of high-quality products and services.
  2. Design the gas system of the future, by leaning on our rich history and in leading the transition from fossil fuels to net zero, with low carbon gases as a critical part of a secure, whole energy system.
  3. Provide personal and professional development for members and staff to grow their skills and reach their full potential in a supportive and diverse business environment.
  4. Engage stakeholders and listen, advise and influence; developing innovation partnerships to build informed analysis and evidence.
  5. Ensure our governance framework is robust and fit for purpose to allow our charitable objectives to be conducted effectively and efficiently.

Our values define our professionalism and behaviours. They reflect on our performance as a business and how we interact with members, colleagues, partners and customers:

  • Excellence
    • To confidently and competently achieve, and help others achieve, the very highest standards.
  • Integrity
    • Doing the right thing based on core moral and ethical convictions.
  • Respect
    • Trusting, valuing and appreciating the work of colleagues, members, volunteers and stakeholders independent of their position or background.
  • Open Mindedness
    • Having an unprejudiced mindset that is receptive to new ideas and opinions that may differ to your own.
  • Innovative
    • Cultivate a community of engaged members and partners to undertake informed analysis and develop robust evidence to advise, influence and improve gas policy for public benefit.

Our history

The Institution was founded in 1863 as the British Association of Gas Managers by the 1,100+ gas companies who operated in the United Kingdom prior to nationalization.

The purpose of the Institution was, and still is, to act as a focal point for formulating and standardising codes of practice and technical standards for the industry, to provide a neutral forum for the exchange of technical and managerial information, to ensure that the professional standards of individual gas engineers and those associated with the gas industry are maintained, and to encourage good practice through exchange of information.

The nationalisation of the industry in 1949 swept away the 1100+ gas companies and the Institution reflected this change. However, the deregulation of the gas industry and the opening of the market has meant a return for the Institution to the role it fulfilled pre-1949.

In 2001, the Institution changed its name (and its scope) to the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM).


Royal charter and by-laws

The principle rules by which we’re governed are set out in our royal charter and by-laws. Our by-laws were created back in 1863 at the time of our inception and were consolidated by our royal charter granted in 1929 by His Majesty King George V.

Since then there have been several amendments and supplemental charters added to the document to reflect the changing nature of the gas industry and remit of the Institution.

In 1930 the College of Arms granted the Incorporated Institution of Gas Engineers as it was then know with the Armorial Bearings that are still sometimes used to identify us today. 

Professional code of conduct

Individuals that join us are required to sign a declaration agreeing to be bound by our Professional Code of Conduct which places an obligation on members to act with integrity and in the public interest.

Similarly the companies affiliated to us are obliged to abide by our Industrial Affiliate Code of Practice.

Governance manual

The purpose of our Governance Manual is to provide Trustees, other Council Members and Chief Executive Officer with comprehensive guidance and reference materials to enable them to operate effectively and in accordance with legislation, regulation and IGEM’s requirements. 

Quality management system

We’re committed to providing a high quality, professional service to all those who choose to engage with us.

To assist us in conducting our operations efficiently and maximising the resources that we have available, we operate a quality management system that complies with quality management standard ISO 9001. We are regularly audited to ensure that we maintain our compliance.