Hydrogen Knowledge Centre

A one-of-a-kind digital library that is designed specifically for those working and studying in the future energy field.

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is a digital repository of research and resources, designed to support those interested in advancing their understanding of hydrogen including the latest technical and policy developments both nationally and internationally.

IGEM and its stakeholders have recognised the need to bring hydrogen knowledge into a centralised and accessible space, to capture the breadth of existing and newly published hydrogen learning and help others to build upon it.

The repository hosts and signposts to hydrogen resources from a wide range of sources including gas network companies, academic institutions, research bodies, supply chain organisations and industry experts. 

Regardless of whether you are new to the hydrogen space, or have years of technical industry or academic experience, the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre offers meaningful content for all levels of understanding.

Through its dynamic and user-friendly search functionality, you can easily and quickly sift through the repository's content and narrow down searches using multiple filter options.

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre includes journal articles, conference papers, research and policy reports, presentations and videos across a broad range of subject areas including: Production and supply chain; Transmission, distribution and storage; Applications and pathways; Safety; Education and training; Policy & Socio-economics; Regulations, Codes and Standards and Hydrogen blending.

Through the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, IGEM is playing its part in the exploration of hydrogen as a route to decarbonisation. Working with partners across the energy landscape, we are developing collaborations and knowledge sharing capability to offer the latest hydrogen knowledge to our Members, as it emerges, from projects across the UK and internationally. 

Accessing the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre

The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is accessible to the public, specifically its browse and search facility, document abstracts, videos and links provided to third-party content. Access to the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre’s downloadable and exclusive content is available to IGEM Members.

If you are not currently a Member and wish to have access to the centre’s downloadable and exclusive content, please visit www.h2knowledgecentre.com where you can find out details of how to subscribe as a Member.

Existing Members can access the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre by logging in to their MyIGEM account.

Please note - your ongoing access to downloadable and exclusive content on the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is dependent upon you maintaining your membership status on an annual basis.

If you have any questions about the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre or how to access it please visit our FAQ page or contact us at [email protected].