IGEMtv is full of insightful and informative industry content from our events for you to access at home, in the office, or on the go.

IGEMtv Events

At IGEM, we’re always looking for new ways to bring value to our members, and we believe that launching live and on-demand content is the best way to achieve this. We are creating a space full of insightful and informative industry content from our events for all our members to access at home, in the office, or on the go.

What’s on? What’s on?

We’re in the process of adding new content all the time, but for now, sit back and enjoy:

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Gas Utilisation Conference

Gas Utilisation Conference is dedicated to those working in the utilisation sector of the gas industry and supported by the Large Business Forum (LBF)

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Sir Denis Rooke Memorial Lectures

The Sir Denis Rooke Memorial Lecture is the seminal event in IGEM’s calendar and in the past has featured distinguished influential speakers.

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Policy Conference

IGEM annually hosts a Policy Conference bringing together keynote speakers and subject matter experts to present, discuss and debate the latest on the policies and practice that affects the gas industry.

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IGEM Annual Conference

The IGEM Annual Conference brings leading experts from the gas industry providing latest insights from the engineering front line responsible for the energy transition.

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YPPC Finals

The Annual YPPC Final brings outstanding young professionals together to present the latest cutting-edge work from across the gas industry, both in the UK and overseas competing to take away the coveted trophy and prize.

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Company Members Conference

Each year IGEM's Company Members come together at an annual conference to hear, and discuss the matters affecting the industry.

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IGEMtv Webinars

IGEM Webinars cover a wide range of subjects relevant to the gas industry, and through IGEMtv we provide on-demand access to our members to the back-catalogue.

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Winter Warmer 2024

IGEM successfully spearheaded a pivotal discussion on the future of energy at the inaugural Winter Warmer Reception, hosted by the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies (PGES) at the House of Commons.

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IGEM have hosted in-person, streamed and hybrid events for company's across the industry and for government departments. Let us support your event.

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