Institution Awards and Medals

Institution Medals

The Gold Medal, first awarded in 1912, is presented annually for a paper presented on any subject at an annual general meeting. The Silver Medal, first awarded in 1905, is an annual award for a paper presented at a general meeting of a District Section or an affiliated district association.  The Bronze Medal, first presented in 1905, is awarded annually for a paper accepted and read at a general meeting of a Junior Gas Association, and the recipient must be a member of the Junior Gas Association at which the paper is read.

The Birmingham Medal, created in 1881 and awarded to encourage the extension of the uses of coal, and can be given to persons of any nation’. Supposed to facilitate as broad research as possible.

The H.E. Jones London Medal, first presented in 1905, is an annual award for a paper which is accepted for presentation and is read at a general meeting of the Institution which deals with the principals involved in the construction of Works or plant for the manufacturer or distribution of gas.

Sugg Heritage Award

The Sugg Heritage Award is awarded by the Panel for the History of the Gas Industry and is used to recognise work that contributes to the understanding of the history, aspirations, traditions and achievements of the gas industry.

Scholorship and Grants

IGEM’s scholarships and grants support an individuals educational journey and beyond. We aim to inspire innovation and personal development by recognising and rewarding your achievements wherever we can.

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