IGEM Funds

IGEM is comprised of numerous funds, some of which are restricted in that they have been donated by individuals or organisations for specific purposes and so can only be applied in accordance with their objects.  Some of the funds have a separate charitable status in their own right but all form part of IGEM.

The funds are applied by the Trustees of IGEM and some are available for grants

Scholarships, Medals, Prizes and Lectureships Fund

The Institution of Gas Engineers Scholarships, Medals, Prizes and Lectureships Fund is there to further education and knowledge in gas engineering and management. This fund represents an amalgamation of numerous separate historical bequests to IGEM allowing the Trustees to be released from the restriction of the original terms and conditions of each separate trust but it was agreed that respect would be given either in full or in part to the original provisions of the fund wherever possible.

LNG Fund

The LNG Fund originates from the organising committee of the world LNG 11 Conference held in the UK in 1995. It is used for general educational purposes in LNG and allied fields through schemes approved by Council e.g. providing grants for educational purposes or research into the technical and commercial applications for liquid natural gas.

Section funds

The Institution’s affiliated Sections have a uniform constitution agreed by Council and the same charity registration number as the Institution.  Funds held by Sections are designated for the development of the Institution’s activities in the regions, and are administered by the committees of the Sections. Some Sections have their own Restricted Funds which they also use for awards and prizes.

Restricted funds

The Institution of Gas Engineers (Scottish Section) Benevolent and Education Fund is a registered charity under the Office of the Scottish Charity Register (OSCR). The object of the fund is ‘to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas amongst members. It comprises:

  • The William Young Memorial Fund – established to cover the costs for arranging distinguished speakers to appear at Scottish events.
  • The J W McLusky Fund – established to sponsor awards and medals in the Scottish Section.
  • The Education Fund, which incorporates The Travelling Fellowship – awarded from time to time by the Scottish Section and Arthur Higgs’ Memorial Medallion donated in 1981 to finance a medal to be awarded in conjunction with the Travelling Fellowship.

The North West Section Restricted Fund comprises The Fred Johnson Prize which was generated when the Manchester District Junior Gas Association (MDJGA) wound up in 2002 and donated some of its funds to the North West Section with the request that these should be used to continue the Fred Johnson Prize, awarded for a Young Person’s presentation to the Section. 

History Fund

The History Fund is a separate charity and is managed by the Panel for the History of the Gas Industry. The purpose of this fund is to promote public education and research into the history of the gas industry and publish the useful results of such research.  The panel produce and distribute a quarterly publication, the Historic Gas Times.

Other funds

The Institution also operates the Incorporated Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers and this is a charitable company limited by guarantee.