IGEM Company Membership

If you’re educating or employing the next generation of gas engineers and technicians, why not become an IGEM Company Member?

Who are IGEM Company Members?

If you’re educating or employing the next generation workforce in the gas sector, be that gas engineers, technicians, installers, and non-engineering roles, then as an IGEM member you'll be able to provide them with access to tailored products and services and benefit from a wealth of worldwide connections and opportunities.

Becoming an IGEM Company Member means your business is committed to delivering excellent service to customers, fostering your employees’ professional development, and helping our industry to engineer a sustainable gas future.

IGEM Company Members are increasingly seen as a significant part of the emerging hydrogen supply chain and have a collective voice through engagement, networking, collaboration, and innovation in providing evidence to influence energy policy for societal benefit.

Who can join?

Company Membership is open to any company connected with the gas industry across the globe. Our Company Members represent the small, medium, and large business community and cover a wide range of disciplines.

Why choose IGEM?

IGEM is the place for organisations and individuals in the gas industry to belong, serve and grow. We are the professional engineering institution for the gas sector – advancing the safety, reliability and sustainability of energy and supporting all those involved with gas to achieve and maintain the highest standards of professional competence. Our institution is licenced by the Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer and Engineering Technician status. You can read about IGEM’s Ambition, Priorities and Values here

IGEM is developing the cutting-edge standards driving health and safety within the gas industry, including the technical standards needed for hydrogen to be delivered through networks to meet demand from different sectors. We’re playing an integral part in helping the energy sector to demonstrate and deliver affordable green gas solutions that achieve net zero carbon emissions targets.

By joining us, you’re ensuring that your key personnel have access to Continuing Professional Development and the knowledge they need to make important operational and investment decisions, to safely deliver your installation, monitoring, maintenance and repair services, and to comply with the latest requirements to keep people safe.

Company Membership Benefits

Whether you’re a sole trader or large multinational corporation, our company membership can help you to raise the profile of your organisation, recruit talented individuals and develop the skills and expertise of your team to enable you to thrive and grow.

As an Company Member, you’ll be able to: 

Cost effective membership

We have scaled membership pricing that works for small, medium and large companies. These prices are reviewed each year.

Number of Employees
Annual Subscription Fee (excl. VAT)
1 - 5 £  312
  6 - 15 £  622
16 - 99 £1,121
100 - 499 £1,744
500 + £3,737

Following election, Company Members will be charged the pro rata annual subscription for the relevant category if joining mid-year. The annual subscription fee becomes due on the 1 January thereafter.