Balancing the scales: navigating net zero policies for British businesses

Energy Secretary, Claire Coutinho, recently discussed how net zero policies could harm British businesses if not implemented correctly.

Balance the scales

In her speech at the Innovation Zero Conference, she emphasised the importance of the free market driving progress towards climate goals, rather than relying solely on government intervention.

While the UK has a legally binding target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, the current government has faced criticism for delaying or diluting medium-term goals. Some members of the Conservative Party have even called for further weakening or abandonment of green policies, fearing a loss of support in the general election.

Energy UK's CEO Emma Pinchbeck commented on the Secretary of State's speech at the Innovation Zero Conference, highlighting how businesses recognise the economic benefits and potential for job creation in transitioning to cleaner technologies. Pinchbeck emphasised the pivotal role of government policies in fostering innovation and investment in reducing emissions. She stressed the importance of maintaining a conducive environment for investment, urging clear, long-term policy direction and government support in addressing barriers to growth such as planning and infrastructure.

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