UK's hydrogen expansion: 64,000 jobs forecasted by 2030

Hydrogen 1

A study carried out by Hydrogen UK indicates that the hydrogen sector in the UK has the potential to create 64,000 jobs and produce more than £7 billion in gross value added (GVA) each year by 2030. This shows a significant growth from previous forecasts in 2021, highlighting the sector's rapid development in tackling decarbonisation issues.

The study presents a new Economic Impact Assessment for the hydrogen industry in the UK until 2030, based on insights from more than 100 member organisations. It emphasises the potential for significant economic advantages throughout the country, including regions like Scotland and Tees Valley.

According to Jamie Mitchell, the lead analyst on the report from Hydrogen UK, the period leading up to 2030 will be crucial for the UK to capitalise on the economic potential of the low carbon gas industry.

In order for the benefits outlined in the study to be realised, both the government and industry need to continue collaborating and making progress in implementing innovative low carbon hydrogen projects.

It will be imperitive to keep investing in infrastructure and technology to support the growth of the hydrogen industry. This includes developing production facilities, expanding refuelling stations for hydrogen-powered vehicles, and integrating hydrogen into existing gas networks. By investing in these areas, the UK can create new jobs, attract investment, and reduce carbon emissions.

By continuing to support and invest in this growing sector, the UK can position itself as a leader in the transition to a low carbon economy.

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