Technical Training Certificates and Documents

Material and Equipment Certificates

Do you need to understand the difference between accreditation and certification and be able to verify certificates and documentation to successfully manage and maintain assets? If the answer is yes, this course is for you.

Course summary

This one-day course introduction to materials and equipment quality clarifies the difference between accreditation and certification, and demonstrates the importance of QA in procurement. The practical, in-person training identifies the key material and equipment certificates encountered throughout the energy sector. It provides individuals with the confidence to verify certificates and documentation, enabling them to manage and maintain assets successfully.

Course objectives

To provide attendees with the following:

  • The confidence to accurately interpret materials and equipment certificates throughout the energy sector
  • The skills to understand and apply the information contained within these certificates 
  • The ability to verify certificates and documentation, ready to ensure assets are designed, constructed, tested, and maintained safely
  • Insight into the key differences between accreditation and certification
  • Recognition of the role that quality assurance plays in safe and effective procurement
  • An overview of the varied certification and records required across an asset lifecycle
  • Insight into the critical importance of certification

Course content

The course comprises presentations, practical activities, and group discussion. Questions are welcomed throughout. Core topics include the following:

  • Who issues certificates, e.g., accreditation bodies, notification bodies, certification bodies and suppliers
  • The range of certificates you will encounter in different environments and processes
  • Guidance on the different types of equipment certificates, including ATEX and DSEAR
  • The distinction between material certificates and certificates of conformity
  • Why traceability is crucially important

Who should attend?

This course provides valuable learning for: Design Engineers, Project / Construction Engineers, Project Managers, Engineering Policy Managers, Site Inspectors, Site Supervisors, Quality Managers, Quality Engineers

Trainer profile

Paul Seymour of QEM Solutions is an experienced Senior Leader, having spent 40 years in the oil & gas industry working across gas transmission, technical, and management roles including Design & Engineering, Materials Inspection and Construction QA. He  now provides quality engineering, technical compliance and corporate audit consultancy to a number of clients in the energy industry. 

Paul’s background in a high hazard industry drives a passion for project quality assurance. He has substantial experience in implementing and assessing quality systems in the construction environment and advising and reviewing integrity and commissioning records to deliver improved performance in project design and construction.


Don’t take our word for it, this is what delegates on previous courses have to say:

“Nice delivery of the subject matter and clear explanation of terms.”
“Very informative, good pace.”
“In depth explanation and light-hearted approach.”
“Covered a wide range of the type of documentation and certification we can expect to see in the industry and how to check compliance.”

Joining instructions

Once you have booked you will be sent your delegate joining instructions nearer the date of the course.  

Contact info

Email [email protected] or call 01509 678150