Where Women Work: Empowering women in engineering

Women at work

Following recent data revealing a concerning decline in the representation of women in engineering, IGEM would like to promote Where Women Work to our members. 

The latest workforce statistics from EngineeringUK have uncovered a drop in the proportion of women within the engineering and technology sector, particularly among those aged 35 to 44. While women make up over half of the UK's overall workforce, their presence in engineering roles has decreased from 16.5% to 15.7% in the past year. Further analysis indicates that the average age of women leaving the engineering profession is 43, compared to 60 for men, highlighting a critical gap in retention practices.

Where Women Work is an excellent resource, commitmed to supporting women in engineering careers. As advocates for gender equality and inclusivity, Where Women Work collaborates with prime employers who meet ten fundamental criteria, including executive leadership commitment to gender equality, embracing diversity and inclusion, and providing formal avenues to address concerns of discrimination.

Through its initiative, Where Women Work aims to create a more supportive environment for women in engineering, from early career to executive levels. By highlighting the impressive work and achievements of women and spotlighting organisations that actively support them, Where Women Work encourages more women to pursue careers with progressive employers.

Where Women Work also provides resources and opportunities for women at all stages of their careers, including internships, apprenticeships, graduate roles, experienced hires, returners, and executive positions. With a focus on flexible working arrangements and continuous support, Where Women Work helps women find fulfilling and rewarding careers in engineering.

I am proud to support Where Women Work and their commitment to supporting women in engineering. Their dedication to gender equality and inclusivity aligns with IGEM’s efforts to create a more diverse and inclusive engineering industry. We are proud to have established the IGEM Women in Gas group, which aims to support and empower women professionals in the field. Our Women in Gas events provide a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, creating a supportive community for women. Let’s continue to champion women in gas and ensure their representation and success in the field.

Stacey Churchill AIGEM

Events Coordinator and EDI Lead at IGEM

For employers looking to enhance their recruitment and retention practices, Where Women Work offers collaboration opportunities to foster a more inclusive workplace culture. By partnering with Where Women Work, companies can access a pipeline of diverse talent and contribute to a more equitable future for women in engineering.

To learn more about Where Women Work and explore exciting career opportunities with prime employers, visit their website.