Jun 2023

Spotlight on Engtech: Jessica Turner

As part of International Women in Engineering Day, our Marketing Communications Co-ordinator, Jordanne Allsopp, has been speaking to women across the industry. Jessica Turner is an Engineering Assistant at Cadent and an IGEM EngTech Member. We find out her story…

Jessica knew at a young age that she wanted to get into engineering. She explained: “I went on a school engineering weekend trip to Manchester University; I experienced lots of different workshops with different engineering firms and I was hooked! I knew then I wanted to have a career in the industry.”

After leaving school, Jessica then completed a BTEC in Engineering at Runshaw College before joining Cadent’s Engineering Training Programme, now named the Future Engineers Programme.


On completion of the programme in 2022, she was moved into an Engineering Assistant role within Cadent where she works directly with her team on projects whilst learning more every day.

When talking about her next step, Jessica said: “My next goal is to gain my CP status for SCO5 works and get involved in our schemes we’re taking on. I’m really looking forward to this and to develop myself as an Engineer.”

Jessica recently gained her IGEM EngTech status, which she thinks is a great reflection of hard work and encourages anyone to go for it.

She said: “Honestly, just go for it! Don’t doubt yourself because it’s so worth it and the experiences and knowledge you gain is second to none.”

“Put everything you’ve done onto your EngTech application because everything goes towards it; even the small presentations you’ve done and team meetings you’ve led.”

On what it's like about being a woman in the industry and how supported she feels, Jessica said: “I’m fortunate to be part of an incredible and supportive team and I don’t see myself any different to anyone else in my team.

“When I started at Cadent it was a bit overwhelming walking up to people on site you don’t know but you build relationships, and you get to know people from then on. My advice would be to get stuck into your role and get to know as many people as you can.”


Jessica talks about one of her engineering heroes, Mumtaz Patel and how she supported her.

She said: “I was lucky to work with Mumtaz at the start of my career, and she got me involved in lots of things as I was starting out in Cadent, for example Women in Cadent and supporting me with career talks at my high school.

She works incredibly hard and it’s fantastic to have a female role model like her!”

On becoming an IGEM member, Jessica speaks about the benefits of the events available and the networking opportunities she’s had since joining.

She said: “These have helped me build my network, which will help me in the future as my career develops. I will have a vast network of contacts to speak to and aid my development.”

Finally, she talks about the future of gas and how hydrogen is taking the forefront: “It will be fantastic to see it come into fruition, and even more so, I will more than likely see it as a sustained fuel for people’s homes & businesses in my career and my lifetime.”