Jul 2023

Spotlight on Chartered Engineer: Catherine Jones

Jordanne Allsopp, IGEM Marketing Communications Coordinator, is chatting to our members about their careers to date and how IGEM has supported them so far. She spoke to Catherine Jones, Measurement Consultant at Kelton and a Chartered Engineer.

WHEN CATHERINE JONES reflects on her career journey, she can’t help but feel grateful for not heeding the advice of her careers advisor. “They couldn’t understand why I would want to crawl through dirty pipes...” she says. Today, Catherine stands as a shining example of a woman thriving in the field of engineering, and her passion extends beyond her own achievements.


As a staunch advocate for supporting women in engineering, Catherine has been an ardent supporter of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) for several years. Her journey began when she attended a ‘Women in Engineering’ presentation during her time at an all-girls school.

It was there that her chemistry teacher planted the seed of chemical engineering, emphasising the opportunities to travel the world. Fuelled by a desire to empower other women, today Catherine is determined to ensure that her daughter grows up aware of the multitude of opportunities available to her in the world of engineering.

From mechanical to electrical, civil to chemical, Catherine firmly believes that there is a plethora of diverse roles awaiting women who dare to step into the engineering realm. “I want to make sure my daughter grows up knowing about all of the opportunities available to her,” she says.

Going back to how it began, Catherine describes the path that led to where she is today with 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry under her belt. “After graduating from The University of Edinburgh in 2005 with a degree in Chemical Engineering, I started my career as a Metering Engineer in a metering control panel company, which involved demonstrating oil and gas metering systems to clients in the factory as well as on site in the UK and overseas.

“After a couple of years, I joined DNV (Advantica) as a Consultant in the low pressure metering team before moving to the high pressure metering team a few years later. This involved providing metering expertise to UK gas distribution and transmission networks.

“In 2019, I had a secondment to the innovation team within National Gas Transmission and since then I’ve been leading innovation projects for gas distribution and transmission networks, focused on using hydrogen blends within the existing gas network.”

Discussing her current role, Catherine said: “I have been at Kelton since May 2022, where I have combined my metering expertise with my interest in hydrogen and leading innovation projects.”

When asked why she decided to pursue professional registration, Catherine says she wanted to attain Chartered status for its recognition by clients and organisations, setting it as a personal goal.

To those considering a similar path, Catherine offers the following reassuring words: “Don’t put it off or think you don’t have enough experience to become Chartered. There are many different routes to becoming a Chartered Engineer.”

Catherine foresees the need for adaptation within the industry in the coming years. As she puts it, “There is still a future for natural gas alongside other sources of energy, but it will have to adapt with the need for decarbonisation.”

With numerous hydrogen innovation projects underway, Catherine believes that the industry is embarking on an exciting journey to address the challenges and find sustainable solutions.

Having an IGEM membership gives members access to a whole heap of benefits, but none is more important than the opportunity for networking it presents. Charlotte said. “I wanted to be part of the gas industry community; to network with other technical experts and learn about other parts of the gas industry as well as metering.

“The access to standards, webinars and the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is invaluable. During 2018, I was also given the opportunity to be on the panel for updating the IGEM/GM/4 metering standard.”

According to Catherine, a key aspect for the industry to attract more talent lies in promoting opportunities within schools. She says, “Targeting schools to promote careers in the gas industry and guiding students towards the relevant subjects is crucial.”

Catherine herself was positively influenced by a presentation on the role of women in engineering during her school years, which guided her to choose the appropriate A-level subjects and pursue an engineering degree.

“However, there are many other roles and opportunities within the gas industry. Educating children at a young age will help in their understanding of the gas industry and the importance of it. Gas engineers are going still going to be required for many years to come.”

Finally, she has the following words of wisdom for anyone starting out in the industry: “Don’t be afraid to
ask questions as there are a lot of experienced people in the industry and we need to pass on that knowledge. Say yes to new opportunities even if you don’t think you have the ‘right’ experience as you can bring a different perspective.”