IGEM's response to UK Government's hydrogen announcement

IGEM welcomes the announcement today that hydrogen will be blended into the gas system. A decision that could save up to 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year, the equivalent of taking 2.5 million cars off the road.

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It is disappointing that Ministers decided not to proceed with the hydrogen trial in Redcar due to hydrogen supply issues, however we are encouraged by the government’s recognition of hydrogen’s potential role in home heating and its continued support for the neighbourhood trial in Fife. This is as well as similar schemes across Europe, to decide in 2026 whether and how hydrogen could help households in the journey to net zero.

Today’s Hydrogen Update to Market report also included the announcement of 11 commercial scale, green hydrogen production projects across the UK, that will deliver 125MW of new hydrogen capacity. This is a significant policy signal for industry that will boost domestic production and help realise the contribution hydrogen can make to UK economic growth, energy security and employment.

IGEM fully supports the transition of the energy system to meet a net zero future and is playing a key role in supporting the evidence base for hydrogen trials and the application of low carbon gases in the gas network. Working with industry, we have produced new standards for hydrogen and a new interim training specification which covers training for those wishing to extend their range to include blends of up to 100% hydrogen, including those working on hydrogen trials.

The testing and trials of hydrogen, overseen by the Health & Safety Executive, are crucial for our net zero ambitions. As the conclusions of these trials continue to emerge, industry experts and policy makers must work together to articulate hydrogen’s long-term role in the energy mix and implement the right policies that will develop a flourishing hydrogen economy.