Aug 2023

IGEM partners with GDNs and DNV for hydrogen project

IGEM is pleased to announce that we are partnering with the gas distribution networks and DNV for the Velocity Design with Hydrogen Project.

The Velocity Design with Hydrogen Project allows gas network operators to introduce hydrogen and natural gas mixtures and 100% hydrogen into existing networks with a minimum of network reinforcement costs and without increased safety, integrity, or environmental risks.

The project will produce the insights and findings needed to facilitate the decision making for repurposing the existing gas network and thus provide a low carbon energy network.

IGEM, as the professional body responsible for issuing engineering design standards, was a partner in the alpha phase and will continue to be a partner as the project goes into the beta phase.

Our role will involve engaging stakeholders, providing regular communication and workshops to ensure that IGEM's technical panel are involved in the project discussions.

IGEM will also peer review the test outcomes and conclusions, therefore maximising the potential for successful findings to be incorporated into IGEM hydrogen supplements and standards.

During the beta phase, IGEM will convene several industry workshops at key stages of the project, during which industry professionals will be invited to provide input to maximise the outputs from the test campaign and ensure alignment with the IGEM hydrogen supplements and standards.

Once the test results are validated, members from the relevant IGEM standards technical panels will review and accept the results for use in the hydrogen supplements to IGEM standards IGEM/TD/1, IGEM/TD/3, IGEM/TD/4, and IGEM/TD/13.

Head of Technical and Policy at IGEM Ian McCluskey said: "We are delighted to be partnering with the gas networks and DNV in the Velocity Design with Hydrogen Project.

"IGEM fully supports the transition of the energy system to meet a net zero future and we are playing a key role in supporting the evidence base for the application of low carbon gases in the gas network."