Nov 2023

IGEM CEO attends Electricity System Operator engagement session

We have recently been supporting the National Grid’s Electricity System Operator (ESO) forward looking stakeholder engagement sessions, with IGEM CEO Oliver Lancaster attending the event in Cardiff last week.

It was an opportunity for all our members’ voices to be represented in the Q&A and 1-2-1 conversations with their leadership.

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The Future System Operator have work to do to be in a place where the entire energy system is being operated as one and planning across gas, electricity and hydrogen is developed and optimised.

Oliver highlighted the importance of recruiting and training staff for whole-systems thinking. It was positive to hear that this is already under way and their team are enthusiastic about broadening their skill set.

Given the skills shortage and need for engineers in the energy sector, Oliver also pressed on engagement with schools and energy education exploring where we’ve come from, where we are today, where we are heading, and the opportunities available.

The Future System Operator will need our Company Members to participate to help them with the coordination of planning and delivery of the energy system transformation.

The work will need to be seamless between politics, policy, regulation, planning, investment and delivery at a local, regional, national and, in part, international level to get things done quickly, equitably and affordably.