Oct 2023

IGEM CEO at Phoenix Energy's Renewable Gas Conference

On 12 October, Phoenix Energy hosted their Renewable Gas Conference in Belfast which brought together industry leaders, policy makers and expert academics to map out the journey towards decarbonisation in the local gas market.

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The theme of the event was ‘No Regrets, Actions Today’ and delegates heard industry representatives make specific commitments which will speed up the path to a decarbonised gas supply.

IGEM CEO Oliver Lancaster explored Great Britain's perspective, looking at energy demand vs supply, decarbonisation of different demand sectors and the role of biomethane and flexibility. 

Other speakers included representatives from relevant central and local Government departments, Queens University and Lars Kaspersen from Nature Energy in Denmark, who outlined a decade of growth in biomethane injection into the Danish gas system which now accounts for over 40% of their total gas volumes.

Also at the conference, Phoenix Energy, together with their gas network colleagues Evolve, firmus energy, Gas Networks Ireland and Mutual Energy, were delighted to make 5 Commitments.

These were around research and development, further investment in the gas network, advancement of biomethane and hydrogen technologies and processes.

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Northern Ireland is now entering a milestone period of introducing renewable gas into the regional gas network, and these commitments serve to reinforce the dedication of the industry as a whole to progress with purpose its pathway to net zero.

On the day, Iain Hoy, Energy Transition Manager at Phoenix Energy said, “We were delighted to have Oliver Lancaster joining us to present to delegates at the conference today.

"Northern Ireland is on the cusp of introducing renewable gas into the regional network, therefore it has never been more pertinent to hear insights on how our counterparts across various regions of UK are progressing with their own pathways to net zero.”