Hydrogen heating town pilot update from UK government


The Government has made the decision to postpone the progress of the hydrogen town pilot until after 2026, when strategic decisions regarding the role of hydrogen in decarbonising heat will be made. This decision has been made after careful consideration, taking into account the previous decision in December 2023 to not proceed with the hydrogen village trial in Redcar.

While they acknowledge that low carbon hydrogen may have a role to play in heat decarbonisation, alongside heat pumps and heat networks, they believe that this will happen at a slower pace and in specific locations. In 2026, they will make a decision on whether and how hydrogen will contribute to heating decarbonisation, based on evidence gathered from their wider research program, the neighbourhood trial in Fife, and similar initiatives across Europe.

The Government would like to express their gratitude to the Gas Distribution Networks for their efforts in submitting their applications. The evidence they have provided will be valuable in informing the decisions made in 2026.

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