Feb 2024

How IGEM CEO spent his 2023 Volunteer Day

IGEM CEO, Oliver Lancaster, spent his 2023 Volunteer day the same way he did in 2022 – providing 1-1 respite care for a friend, Rich, who he knows through church.

CEO VolunteerDay 24.PNG

Recently introduced, IGEM's volunteering policy encourages the secretariat to take a day out of their working schedule to volunteer for activities in the local community and charities.

Rich and Ollie spent the day traversing Cardiff drinking coffee, grabbing snacks, going for walks, chatting with many people and, as seems to be a tradition, playing pool – finishing off with a meal at Nandos and a visit to the cinema to watch a classic Christmas film – Elf.

Oliver said: "Rich’s family are delighted that a business allows staff to take time away from work to do things like this. He enjoys these days so much and excitedly makes a plan of what he wants to do in the weeks building up to it.

“Rich lives in a lovely home with a great care team to support him and the other residents. The staff really appreciated the time Rich got to spend with me for a long day out, and I loved it, too…even if it was exhausting work!