Mar 2023

Final call to influence the Government decision on hydrogen-ready boilers

Over the last few years, serious consideration has been given to the repurposing of the gas network from natural gas to hydrogen. The preparation, planning and innovation to deliver this gained significant momentum since the Government’s decision in 2019 to legislate for net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This is because hydrogen offers a low carbon solution that can be produced, stored and used to mitigate the emissions from heating buildings, powering industry, generating flexible electricity and fuelling transport.


IGEM firmly supports UK ambitions to reach net zero and engineer a sustainable gas future.  We support the proposals to use the existing network of gas pipelines to carry low carbon gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen blends, whilst working towards the eventual use of 100% hydrogen. Crucially, hydrogen produces zero carbon emissions at the point of use and forms the basis of the gas industry’s proposed balanced pathway to a decarbonised energy system. Evidence is also pointing to significantly reduced NOx emissions from hydrogen boilers, compared to the most modern natural gas boilers on the market today.

A consultation has been published which seeks the views on a range of topics, including:

  • proposals to improve boiler and heating system efficiency through improvements to minimum standards
  • proposals to mandate that from 2026 all newly-installed gas boilers are ‘hydrogen-ready’
  • the potential role of gas boiler-electric heat pump hybrids in heat decarbonisation in the 2020s and 2030s

These proposals aim to reduce domestic gas consumption, thereby lowering consumer bills and carbon emissions, improving our energy security, and preparing for the transition to low-carbon heating.

IGEM is working with industry partners and is overall supportive of improved boilers standards, efficiency and the role of hydrogen-ready boilers and hybrid heating systems as part of the solution to decarbonise the sector. 

We very much encourage responses from our members and the wider gas industry to the questions asked in the consultation and to support the delivery of a message to Government that:

  • Hydrogen will play a crucial role in decarbonising heat and that by mandating hydrogen-ready boilers, this will reduce the costs and disruption of the transition
  • Mandating hydrogen-ready boilers places consumers at the heart of the decarbonisation challenge end enables optionality
  • Mandating hydrogen-ready boilers represents a low-regrets decision and a low cost choice for the consumer in readying their home for net zero
  • UK Government should be supporting hybrid heating systems, consisting of a boiler and a heat pump, as being an important solution to achieving the net zero targets now with existing boilers, and with hydrogen-ready boilers for the longer term.


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