Dorset's energy transformation: Hydrogen storage in salt caverns


UK Oil & Gas PLC's subsidiary, UK Energy Storage Ltd (UKEn), has entered into a lease agreement with Portland Port Limited (PPL) to utilise 1.2 billion cubic meters of underground salt caverns for hydrogen storage. This initiative aims to transform two former Royal Navy sites in Dorset into facilities capable of storing hydrogen-ready gas, significantly increasing the UK's hydrogen storage capacity.

Building on previous work by Portland Gas Storage, UKEn plans to renew planning consent and secure the necessary development finance for the project. The storage facility, situated beneath PPL’s land, is expected to link to a national pipeline system, facilitating the storage and distribution of hydrogen. This move aligns with the UK government's energy strategies and could improve the UK's energy system against supply and demand fluctuations.

Designated as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, this development will undergo detailed engineering and commercial studies with the assistance of consultant Xodus Group. The project is anticipated to significantly enhance the UK's hydrogen storage capabilities, supporting the decarbonisation of energy-intensive sectors and contributing to the future green hydrogen economy as outlined in the UK Hydrogen Strategy.

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