Apr 2024

CPD sampling - record, reflect, review

Ahead of our member CPD sampling in June we wanted to provide a friendly reminder about the importance of recording your CPD activities.

With the change of the seasons, longer days and (hopefully) nicer weather are timely reminders to spring into action and review your CPD records, ensuring they are up to date and that your future development activities are well planned.

CPD sampling

Simply put, continuing professional development (CPD) is learning; every time you learn something new, you are doing CPD. CPD is a vital part of the evolution of any industry and exceptionally important to the professionals at the heart of them. Here within the gas industry, not keeping your knowledge and skills up to date (particularly on safety measures, new laws, changing technologies, and evolving challenges) could have a devastating impact. However, demonstrating commitment to your professional development can help you to be the best you can be within your role, conduct your professional duties, support your career aspirations and even put you in a position to help someone else with their development.

Handy tips for recording your CPD

Doing CPD is the most important thing, but it is vital to record this in the most appropriate way for you, as it can be difficult to recall the development we’ve completed. To support this, IGEM provides members with free access to mycareerpath, which allows you to record CPD activities and attach evidence. Other options for recording your CPD activities are paper records, employer electronic systems, Word documents, spreadsheets, or even PowerPoint presentations.

A less recognised part of CPD is the development of personal qualities. Remember to include any wider voluntary, social and community activities or roles within your CPD records too. Try to book time in your diary each week or each month to update your records. Ideally, you should add to your CPD record straight after an event, training course or development activity, that way it is still fresh in your mind and you can reflect more easily. To ensure that your records are detailed remember to record, reflect and review: make a record of the activity, reflect upon what you have learned and your experience, and review your development goals.

Reflection on last year’s CPD sampling and trends

IGEM’s Professional Code of Conduct requires all members to complete and record CPD. In addition to this, professionally registered members are required to complete and record CPD as detailed in the CPD Code for Registrants, within UK SPEC. To support this, each year IGEM will randomly select a number of professionally registered members and ask them to present their CPD records for review.

Last year we received 36 CPD records – the highest number we have reviewed to date. We are aiming for even more this year and hopeful to review around 50 records; this will give us a representative sample of our professionally registered members and help us to gain further insight into the development that is important to our members and to the industry, and the kind of support needed. We are very appreciative of the support that our members continue to provide.

Last year, we observed that many CPD records were list-based with little reflection on development activities. There were also lots of opportunities to include a professional development plan to underpin CPD records and support personal goals.

Final thoughts

IGEM’s annual CPD sampling is nothing to worry about; it is simply for understanding the types of development opportunities that our professionally registered members are seeking, how they are developing themselves and any support they may need. See it as a supportive exercise and a great opportunity to gain feedback on your CPD records. This could even involve advice on future development opportunities. IGEM can review CPD records throughout the year from any of our members. If you wish to seek feedback and professional development support, please get in touch.

For more information on how IGEM can support your CPD, visit our CPD page