Nov 2023

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week: Raising awareness of the ‘silent killer’

Together with the All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group, we are recognising CO Awareness Week. The aim of the week is to improve everyone's understanding of how they can protect themselves from the severe health risks of carbon monoxide (CO).

We are set to mark Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week from the 20-26 November 2023 with a series of awareness-raising activities.

co alarm.PNG

This past year we have been busy promoting gas safety and how we can protect against the threat of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potent health risk: CO is a silent killer produced by fuel burning and is at dangerous levels in many homes.

With dropping temperatures, the increased use of household appliances and heating systems elevates the risk of CO exposure in enclosed spaces, increasing risk of sickness and death.

This is why CO Awareness Week is an important period to ensure citizens, especially vulnerable groups, understand and take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves.

During the week, we will share stories from the family of a victim who have unfortunately lost their loved one to CO poisoning. We will be working with the All-Party Parliamentary CO Group to share victims’ stories, as well as tips on the sources, symptoms and ways to prevent CO from taking any more lives.

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