Plans unveiled for 'green hydrogen' project near Glasgow

15/04/2021 10:12
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The application by ScottishPower includes a 20MW electrolyser, a device which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrical energy - in this case, via wind and solar power.

The planned facility will be located near the UK's largest onshore wind farm, Whitelee, owned by ScottishPower.

The project includes a combined solar and battery energy storage scheme to help power the electrolyser.

ScottishPower said the facility would be able to produce up to eight tonnes of hydrogen per day.

It aims to supply hydrogen to the commercial market before 2023.

The facility will be powered by a 40MW solar farm and a 50MW battery energy storage scheme, all of which will be installed about three miles west of Lochgoin reservoir and adjacent to the existing Whitelee extension substation.

It marks the first project for the Green Hydrogen for Scotland partnership between ScottishPower, specialist gas provider BOC and electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power. 

It aims to create green hydrogen production facilities with clusters of refuelling stations across Scotland.

The Glasgow scheme is designed to provide carbon-free transport and clean air for communities across Glasgow, as well as support industrial hydrogen demand in the region.

The city, which is set to host the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference later this year, plans to become the first net-zero city in the UK by 2030.

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