Celebrating women in our industry: INWED 2022

12/07/2022 09:37
As part of our celebrations for International Women in Engineering Day 2022 (23 June), we've been chatting to some of the fantastic women in our industry, asking them about their careers, their achievements and their experiences as women in the gas industry. Below, you can find links to each of our case studies. 

Mumtaz Patel, Senior Delivery Support Manager, Cadent

"As a British-Asian Muslim female, I am a role model and inspire under-represented groups to show that they can do anything they want to. They may need to work a bit harder to get their voices heard but I say never give up and be brave enough to have difficult conversations as this will help us to make changes to the face of our industry with a more inclusive and diverse workforce.” 

Read more about Mumtaz's story here

Emma McQuiggan, Design Engineer, Gas Networks Ireland

"Promoting diversity in the workplace has never been more important, given the increased creativity, innovation and problem solving that diversity provides and the major obstacles that we’re currently facing in terms of renewables and the need for innovation in the coming years. I’m really excited to see what the future of our industry holds, not only in terms of diversity but also with the pinnacle point that our energy systems are at.”

Read more about Emma's journey here

Alex Pender.jpeg
Alex Pender, Marketing Specialist, ULC Technologies

"It’s really inspiring to see and hear from women who have been working in the industry and driving change within their organisations. IGEM have done a great job in highlighting the achievements of women through events and spotlights and raising women’s voices – it’s provided me with an opportunity to learn from those in the industry and their experiences."

Read about Alex's career to date here

Karen Sloan.jpg
Karen Sloan, Managing Director of Heating and Compliance, Liberty

“I’ve made it my priority to increase the number of women in my teams throughout my career and I feel proud to have been part of their journey. This is a great industry and I feel that with more balanced representation, women can really make an impact and continue to challenge inequality. This starts by working hard to promote careers in our sector to young women whilst they are still in education."

Read about Karen's career here

Stella Matthews, Hydrogen Development Manager, Northern Gas Networks

“I would definitely recommend women and girls pursue a career in the gas industry – it’s a very welcoming industry and right now is a very exciting time to be involved as we move towards net zero. The more women that enter the gas industry and the more visible women are within the industry, the more this will become a natural and normal career choice for women.”

Read about Stella's story here

Alexandra Brightman.PNG
Alexandra Brightman, Hydrogen Home Co-ordinator, Northern Gas Networks

“Hydrogen Homes Project was recently awarded ‘Project of the Year’ at the IGEM 2022 awards, and it was such a surreal and proud moment that I will remember for the rest of my career. I am incredibly proud to be part of this industry in such an exciting and innovative time, and I look forward to the rest of my career here at Hydrogen Homes, Northern Gas Networks.”

Read more about Alexandra's career here

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