Historic Gas Times

The Historic Gas Times is a quarterly newsletter produced by members of the Panel for the History of the Gas Industry. Reflecting on the history of the gas industry and the Institution, HGT is IGEM’s connection with its own rich past and has been delighting history fans since 1994. 

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The Historic Gas Times is available as a hard copy newsletter or an e-newsletter and is issued four times a year (March, June, September and December). Annual subscription fees are donated to the IGEM History Fund and are listed below.   

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UK - £8

Overseas - £15

Sent via email - £6 (world wide)


100th Edition out now

To celebrate our 100th edition, we're giving you access to HGT 100 free of charge. 

If you enjoy the read, you can subscribe to the magazine at any time on this page.

Download HGT 100.

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