New Product Innovations from AVK Donkin

Gain a view of the new product innovations from AVK Donkin.

Discover the history of the Bryan Donkin brand and get a sneak peek into the exciting new product innovations they have in store for you in 2024 at the London, Southern and Eastern Section webinar, delivered by Jon Briafield, Product Manager, AVK Donkin.

With a rich legacy of manufacturing gas valves since 1847, AVK Donkin has been a trusted name in the gas supply industry. Their manufacturing facility in Chesterfield produces a wide range of high-performance valves and accessories for gas systems. Their valves and fittings have been used worldwide for over 170 years, proving their reliability in all types of pipe systems.

AVK Donkin are committed to carbon efficiency and maintaining the highest standards of quality for the demanding gas industry. Their Chesterfield factory operates with utmost precision and holds a comprehensive range of finished stock. With an in-house product design team, they continually strive to develop innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain insights into the future of gas valve development and new high-performance fittings.