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Mental Health Workshop

Come along to this in-person workshop, which will start a conversation about mental health and how it’s perceived.

Christo Hudson tells his own story at his workshop 'Baths, Beards and Booze'. Christo discusses how in a high-pressure, male-dominated safety-critical environment, he never believed that poor mental health would affect him.

Christo will discuss depression, suicide and how to start a conversation with someone that we might be concerned about. We will talk about the essential skills of active listening and how we can use these to really listen to and support someone that might be struggling. 

Christo won’t be discussing specific details of suicide. This is an opportunity to learn about how we all have the ability to potentially save a life. There is no requirement to interact or share any personal experiences.

Christo Hudson, Founder, The Black Box Approach

Through his roles as an aircraft incident investigator and peer support volunteer, he has learnt the skills to help people who are struggling with their mental health.

Christo has a passion for helping others and, as an MHFA Qualified teacher, he has delivered over 3,500 hours of training. His warm and open approach creates an engaging and thought-provoking learning experience and he is ideally suited to delivering these essential courses.

The Black Box Approach is a Suicide and Mental Health First Aid course provider, founded by former airline pilot and flight data analyst, Captain Christo Hudson.