IGEM/UP/17 Edition 2 - Shared chimney and flue systems for domestic gas appliances

IGEM/UP/17 summarises best practice in the use and maintenance of new and existing "shared flues" systems i.e. shunt duct, Se-duct, U-duct systems, and fabricated shared chimney/flue systems (communal flue systems (CFSs)). The intention of the standard is to make designers, installers, maintenance personnel and landlords aware of the safety issues surrounding the use of shared flue systems.

It is important to note that it does not cover the installation of new shared flue systems as this is given in BS 5440-1. Once such systems are in place, it is applicable when replacement appliances and also to their subsequent use, maintenance and de-commissioning.

This standard will assist in the identification of shared flue/chimney systems, replacement of appliances on such systems and any maintenance/decommissioning work required. It covers the use, maintenance and de-commissioning of shared flue systems comprising:

  • Shunt ducts

  • Se-ducts

  • U-ducts

  • Fabricated shared chimney/flue systems (communal flue systems)

Installed in buildings containing multiple individual dwellings. This includes the installation of replacement appliances onto existing systems. It does not apply to the installation of new shared flue systems, only their subsequent use, maintenance and de-commissioning, and to the replacement of appliances. It applies to shared flue systems that serve domestic appliances burning any gaseous fuel.

It contains specific details of:

  • Legal considerations such as Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations

  • Responsibilities and management

  • Recognising types of shared or communal flue systems

  • Installing replacement appliances on existing shared flue systems

  • Maintaining shared flue systems and appliances

  • Labelling

  • Decommissioning redundant shared flue systems and/or individual appliance flue connections.

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