IGE/TD/12 Edition 2 +A: 2012 - Pipework stress analysis for gas industry plant

This standard describes various methods and limits for analysing the stress experienced by pipework used in installations. The recommendations cover stress analysis and calculation of loadings for welded and flanged pipework used in gas industry installations on pipelines. 

Generally an installation on a pipeline comprises one or more of the following; compressor station, line valve, branch connection, meter installation, multi junction station with or without inline metering and which may include pig traps and/or line valves, overhead pipe crossing, pigging station, pressure regulating installation (PRI) controlling gas flow and/or pressure from one system to another, terminal and other offtakes. 

The recommendations that this standard provides apply to on land pipework, including water crossings. Offshore pipework may require additional guidance. 

The standard covers stress analysis for carbon and austenitic steels handling first and second family gases. 

The scope of this standard includes: 

  • Competency and quality assurance
  • Materials
  • Load and restraint conditions
  • Performance
  • Wall thickness and selection of pipework components
  • Stress and fatigue analysis
  • Resolving stress exceptions
  • Verification and documentation.

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