IGEM/SR/4 Edition 3 - Variable volume gas holders storing lighter than air gases

This standard highlights those aspects of gasholder design, operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, modification and demolition which may put the gasholder or persons working on the gasholder or members of the public at risk.

It does not cover ancillary fittings such as measurement control, but the combination of measurement and control into a logical system is discussed at some length. It refers to the safety of gasholders and where matters of design are mentioned, these relate to safety features and not to the design of gasholders as a whole.

This standard specifically refers to the storage of gases having a density less than air. If heavier than air gases are stored then additional considerations of the effects of gas escapes must be made and safe solutions sought.

The scope of this standard includes:

  • legal considerations such as the Factories Act 1961 and the Control of Pollution Act 1974
  • safety design features for water sealed, dry (Wiggins) and waterless (M.A.N.) gasholders
  • entry for inspection and maintenance
  • inspection principles
  • maintenance and repair, including both routine and non-routine operations
  • electrical requirements
  • isolation and purging, including for decommissioning
  • control and safety devices including
  • high level, low level and sun stock control
  • demolition procedures and planning.

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