IGEM/SR/16 Edition 2 - Odorant systems for gas transmission and distribution

This standard covers the safety aspects of handling bulk supplies of odorant for gas systems containing either Natural Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It applies in full to new odorant installations and in part to existing installations.

Small scale odorisation is not within the scope of this Standard, although some guidance is provided. It also does not address temporary systems, but it is recommended that temporary systems are constructed in accordance with the principles of this Standard. 

The scope of this standard includes: 

  • Legal considerations such as Gas Safety (Management) Regulations and Pipelines Safety Regulations
  • Design considerations of the odorisation process, mechanical and electrical concerns, along instrumentation and site location
  • Construction, installation and testing of all aspects of the installation
  • Commissioning procedure
  • Operation, including control and monitoring of odorant injection rate, verification of odour intensity and tanker off loading procedure
  • Maintenance including periodic patrol schedule along with flushing and purging
  • Decommissioning of the system
  • Safety, including process, personal and fire safety   
  • Security measures
  • Dealing with leakage/spillage
  • Waste disposal
  • Record keeping and access.

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