IGEM/SR/15 Edition 5 +A: 2015 - Integrity of safety-related systems in the gas industry

This standard is applicable to safety related control and protection systems in the gas and process industries, including gas terminals, transmission, distribution and storage and industrial, commercial and domestic gas installations. It is also relevant to offshore installations.

The scope of this standard embraces the whole of the control or safety system concerned. It extends from field sensors (or other input devices) through to the field devices (e.g. valves, pumps, fans) and includes human factors. It applies to all electrical and electronic systems, though the principles can also be applied to mechanic and/or pneumatic items. It defines the elements that an appropriate assessment should include.

The scope of this standard includes:

  • tolerable risk and safety integrity criteria
  • safe failure fractions (architectures)
  • life cycle activities of both hardware and software
  • functional safety management
  • assessments
  • applications, reflecting general current practice in the gas industry.

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