IGEM/GL/6 Edition 3 - Safe control of operations for gas networks

This standard applies to permitry for the safe flow of gas, in pipelines, installation pipework and associated equipment, installations intended to convey primarily Natural Gas and includes the following types of permit:

  • Non-routine operation
  • Routine operation
  • Permits to Work
  • Other ancillary permitry for work procedures and maintenance.

It applies to:

  • Gas Transporters
  • Gas conveyors
  • Independent Gas Transporters
  • Utility infrastructure providers
  • Meter asset managers
  • LPG network owners
  • Independent gas users e.g. Ministry of Defence, hospitals.

It contains specific details of:

  • Legal considerations such as Gas Safety (Management) Regulations
  • Requirements for format and content of permitry
  • Preparation, verification, approval and authorisation of permitry
  • Circulation of permitry
  • Preliminaries
  • Execution
  • Deviations from permitry
  • Monitoring and audit.

SCO review

The GDNOs have updated their suite of Safe Control of Operations Documents. They were assisted by the Independent Gas Transporters so that there will be a common suite of permitry documents for the "Distribution" sector of the industry.

The Panel agreed that one of its primary objectives was to ensure that IGEM/GL/6 was aligned to and did not conflict with the updated suite of SCO documents, whilst at the same time providing a framework for the industry as a whole.

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