IGEM/GL/5 EditionĀ 3 - Managing new works, modifications and repairs

There has been some significant updates and changes made. IGE/GL/5 Edition 2 was a guidance document, during the review the scope was changed to include the downstream sector and meter installations along with the inclusion of other gases. Also the forms within the standard have been reformatted for clarity and ease of use. A review of various sections including the high, medium and low risk categories for risk assessments and section for competence has been expanded.

IGEM/GL/5 Edition 3 is divided into the following sections:

Legislation and Standards

  • Competence

  • The procedure

  • Initiation stage

  • SOLs for new works, modifications and repairs

  • User details

  • Reasons for new works, modifications and repairs

  • Completion

  • Selection of designers, design approver and design appraisers

  • Design, checking and approval

  • Design appraisal stage

  • User acceptance

  • Installation, testing and commissioning stage

  • Completion, records, audit and review stage

  • Flowchart for the procedure and example forms

  • Guidance for appraisal

  • Risk assessment

This standard is set out against a background of legislation in force in Great Britain at the time of publication and details the obligations arising from the relevant sources. Full references to the UK, European and International Standards are also addressed. IGEM/GL/5 provides all the essential requirements in line with the Regulations for the management and control of new works, modifications and repairs.

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