IGE/GL/1 Edition 2 +A: 2006 - Planning of gas distribution systems of maximum operating pressure (MOP) not exceeding 16 bar

This guidance contains advice on the planning and design of Natural Gas distribution systems of MOP not exceeding 16 bar. It provides practical guidance to support Gas Safety (Management) Regulations and Pipelines Safety Regulations.  It includes the arrangements and agreements required between different Gas Transporters and Network owners at system boundaries, to ensure the continuity of gas flow. 

It is intended to be used by competent persons in the planning and design of systems and for the ongoing monitoring and reinforcement of existing systems. It contains specific details of:

  • Legal considerations
  • Planning process
  • System boundary interfaces
  • Where to find guidance on route planning of distribution systems
  • Where to find guidance on selection of pipe materials
  • System monitoring and reinforcement
  • Sizing of pipes
  • Sizing of Pressure Regulation Installations
  • Additional considerations for the planning of systems of MOP > 75 bar
  • Records and documentation.


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