IGEM/IG/1 Ed 2 Supplement 2 - Domestic Natural Gas training specification

This Specification has been facilitated by IGEM and E&US and has been approved by IGEM’s Gas Utilisation Committee, Gas Measurement Committee and IGEM’s Technical Coordinating Committee and published by the authority of the Council of IGEM. The Specification has also been approved by the Standards Consultation Forum (SCF) and the Strategic Management Board (SMB).

This Specification is a supplement to the IGEM/IG/1 Standards of training in gas work document and recognised as required in Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L56. 

This training Specification covers training for:

  • new entrants to the gas industry wishing to work in the domestic Natural Gas (NG) utilisation sector within the scope of the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations (GS(I&UR)).
  • those persons currently or previously registered seeking re-certification (optional)
  • those persons wishing to extend their range (including blends of up to 100% hydrogen) or scope (refer to GN8 for onsite experience requirements).

This Specification is designed to cover the breadth of the industry, including the legal requirements, knowledge and understanding, performance criteria and ‘on the job’ work experience that will be undertaken in a work placement supervised by a mentor, related to domestic gas installations and appliances.