IGEM/G/6 - Gas supplies to mobile dwellings

This standard addresses the design, installation, testing, purging, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of gas supply systems up to the point of connection to prefabricated pipework on:

  • Caravan holiday homes   
  • Residential park homes  
  • Waterborne accommodation (not including those used for commercial or industrial purposes).

It primarily covers odorized 2nd family gas (e.g. Natural Gas) and 3rd family gas (e.g. Liquefied Petroleum Gas) although it is, on the whole applicable to other fuel gases. It covers piped gas supplied from:

  • A Natural Gas network  
  • An Liquefied Petroleum Gas central bulk storage vessel and network
  • An independent Liquefied Petroleum Gas supply i.e. either a cylinder or an individual bulk storage vessel.

Also covered are details of the parties responsible for the installation and operations of sections of the gas supply system, along with meter installations and storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas vessels.

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