IGEM/G/5 Edition 3 - Gas in multi-occupancy buildings

This standard covers gas installations to and within multi-occupancy buildings and the individual dwellings and commercial units within such buildings. It does not cover installations to and within properties considered separate buildings, each comprising a single dwelling, such as detached, semi detached or terraced houses/bungalows.

It includes details on the installation of:

  • Pipelines both external and internal to the property, and within individual dwellings, along with the method of entry into the property
  • Individual meters for individual dwellings, meter banks or primary meters serving multiple individual dwellings
  • Various isolation valves, both external and internal to the property, to allow potential gas escapes to be removed and controlled
  • Central facilities that generate heat or heat and power from a boiler or engine installation, known as energy centres (generally industrial or commercial in nature)
  • Chimneys
  • Gas appliances (and their selection) within individual dwellings.
It also contains information on the maintenance of gas appliances, responsibilities of landlords with regards to gas safety checks, specifications for the materials to be used in the above processes and electrical safety considerations.

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