IGEM/GM/PRS/41 - Low pressure meter installation kits

This specification is part of a series of Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) publications, providing a specification that covers the purchasing requirements for low pressure meter installation kits which will conform with the requirements of BS 6400-1. The document details the components incorporated in the various kits, provides the relevant component specifications, and where pre-assembly is necessary the requirements for jointing.

This Specification covers pre-assembled 6 m³ h-1 low pressure meter installation kits intended for installing:

  • on a floor or wall mounted bracket e.g. surface mount or inset box, room in a building, etc.
  • in a semi-concealed meter box
  • in a universal box.

providing a nominal metering pressure of 21 mbar, which will be suitable for standard gas appliances, typically for domestic applications.

British Gas and latterly, National Grid Metering (NGM) developed a series of specifications for key metering components based on its own suite of product requirements. These documents were made available to meter installers and purchasers under the title of Product Requirement Specification (PRS) 'e' documents. Originally these Specifications were made available through Advantica, as they were known at the time.

NGM has transferred the ownership of these documents to IGEM to make them available to the wider industry. It is some years since the original 'e' documents were updated and these have been withdrawn. 

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