IGEM/GM/8 Part 1 Edition 2 - Design

These procedures apply to all new, onshore, gas supply meter installations of flow rate > 6m 3 h -1 and MOP upstream ≤ 38 bar. It covers diaphragm, rotary displacement, turbine and ultrasonic meters. They cover installations intended to carry Natural Gas that are wholly downstream of the emergency control valve, in which case the installation is not part of the network. It contains details of:

  • Legal considerations such as Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations and Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Design objectives and principles, including accuracy and pressure requirements
  • Information exchange requirements between all parties involved
  • Gas transporter authorisations, including for meter installations and meter bypasses
  • Design considerations such as gas velocity, noise, heating, provision and arrangement of components
  • Gas cleaning, including filtration
  • Pressure control, including regulator selection and required functionality
  • Slam-shut valve systems
  • Pressure (creep) relief
  • Meter requirements and factors affecting meter selection, accuracy and performance
  • Valve types and uses
  • Selection of material and pipework requirements
  • Supports and framework
  • Ancillary connections such as pressure test and temperature points
  • Vent pipework for breathers, vent lines and creep relief vent stacks
  • Electrical equipment, lightning, earthing and lighting.

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