IGEM/GM/7A Edition 2 - Electrical connections for gas metering equipment

This standard provides requirements for the selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment connected to gas meter installations by:

  • Ensuring electrical equipment will not be a source of ignition
  • Ensuring compliance with DSEAR and ATEX directives
  • Describing suitable electrical equipment
  • Describing how to safely connect electrical equipment.

This Standard applies to the connection of any electrical equipment to a gas meter. It applies to meter installations with a maximum operating pressure not exceeding 100 bar containing Natural Gas in a gaseous state. It applies to primary and secondary meter installations and associated volume conversion equipment in industrial, commercial and domestic premises. It considers:

  • DSEAR and ATEX Directives
  • Competency
  • Pulse ownership
  • Equipment certification and suitability
  • Equipment connections
  • Details of electrical connections
  • Labelling
  • Records and reporting.

Advice is provided on:

  • Legal requirements
  • Authorisation procedures
  • Electrical low frequency and high frequency outputs
  • Design of electronic interface equipment
  • Ensuring integrity of installation, operation and maintenance of a pulse chain
  • Procedures for telephone connections
  • Equipment location and installation
  • Equipment connection, protection and isolation
  • Earthing
  • Inspection and maintenance.

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