IGEM/GM/4 EditionĀ 3 - Flowmetering practices. Inlet pressure exceeding 38 bar and not exceeding 100 bar

These procedures gives guidance on the specification, design, installation and operation of meter installations for high accuracy flow measurement of piped Natural Gas operating within the pressure range exceeding 38 bar and not exceeding 100 bar. They cover orifice meters, turbine meters and ultrasonic meters. They only apply to installations supplied with Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas and Simulated Natural Gas in the gaseous phase where the gas temperatures at the meter are between -20 o C and 75 o C.

It includes details of:

  • Legal and allied considerations  
  • Design of the meter systems  
  • Electrical safety concerns  
  • Calibration and testing of the metering systems   
  • Sampling and analysis of the gas in order to calculate gas properties relevant to metering  
  • The use of secondary instrumentation (including computation)  
  • Operation and maintenance of the meters.

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