Standards under review

The following standards are currently under review.   

Safety (SR series)

IGEM/SR/16 Edition 2

Odorant systems for gas transmission and distribution

IGE/SR/22 Edition 2 

Purging operations for fuel gases in transmission, distribution and storage

IGEM/SR/28 Edition 2

Trenchless techniques

Transmission and Distribution (TD series)

IGEM/TD/1Edition 5

Steel pipelines and associated installations for high pressure gas transmission

IGE/TD/4 Edition 4 

Polyethylene and steel gas services and service pipework

IGE/TD/12 Edition 2

Pipework stress analysis for gas industry plant

IGEM/TD/13 Edition 2

Pressure regulating installations for natural gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and LPG/air


Steel and polyethylene pipelines for biogas distribution

Utilisation (UP series)

IGE/UP/1 Edition 2

Strength testing, tightness testing and direct purging of industrial and commercial gas installations

IGE/UP/1A Edition 2 

Strength testing, tightness testing and direct purging of small, low pressure industrial and commercial natural gas installations

IGEM/UP/6 Edition 2 

Application of compressors to natural gas fuel systems

IGE/UP/9 Edition 2

Application of natural gas and fuel oil systems to gas turbines and supplementary and auxiliary fired burners


Design for natural gas installations on industrial and commercial premises with respect to hazardous area classification and preparation of risk assessments

IGEM/UP/17 Edition 2

Shared chimney and flue systems for domestic gas appliances

Gas Measurement (GM series)

IGE/GM/4 Edition 2

Flowmetering practices inlet pressure exceeding 38 bar and not exceeding 100 bar

IGEM/GM/5 Edition 3 

Electronic gas volume conversion systems


Non-domestic meter installations

General (G series)

IGEM/G/4 Edition 2 

Definitions for the gas industry


Gas supplies in mobile dwellings


Handling, transport and storage of polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings

Legislation (GL series)

IGE/GL/1 Edition 2

Planning of gas distribution systems of maximum operating pressure not exceeding 16 bar

IGEM/GL/8 Edition 3

Reporting and investigation of gas-related incidents

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