Recently published standards

Each of our technical standards is reviewed on a five year cycle. In addition, we are also continually working on the development of new standards to add to our portfolio.

A list of standards that we've published within the last twelve months, can be found below. Click on a standard for more details.


Reinforced thermoplastic pipelines for high pressure gas transmission (1812)
Published: Jul 2019


Low pressure meter installation kits (1808)
Published: Apr 2019


Medium pressure meter installation kits for flow rates not exceeding 6m3 h-1 (1807)
Published: Apr 2019

IGEM/SR/18 Edition 3

Safe working practices to ensure the integrity of gas assets and associated installations (1828)
Published: Mar 2019

IGEM/SR/29 Edition 2

Dealing with gas escapes (1827)
Published: Jan 2019

IGEM/GM/4 Edition 3

Flow metering practices. Inlet pressure exceeding 38 bar and not exceeding 100 bar (1815)
Published: Jan 2019

IGEM/GL/6 Edition 3

Safe control of operations for gas networks
Published: Nov 2018

IGEM/UP/17 Edition 2

Shared chimney and flue systems for domestic gas appliances
Published: Oct 2018

IGEM/TD/1 Edition 2 - Supplement 1

Handling, transport and storage of steel pipe, bends and fittings
Published: Aug 2018

IGEM/TD/101 Edition 3

Adoption of pipe systems by a Gas Transporter (GT), management of Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) activities
Published: Aug 2018

IGEM/UP/11Edition 3

Gas installations for educational establishments
Published: Jul 2018

IGEM/SR/14 Edition 2 with amendments

Fixed volume storage for lighter than air gases
Published: May 2018

IGEM/G/11 with amendments

Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure
Published: Apr 2018

IGEM/GM/7A Edition 2

Electrical connections for gas metering equipment (1803)
Published: Mar 2018

IGEM/GM/7B Edition 2

Hazardous area classification for gas metering equipment (1804)
Published: Mar 2018

IGEM/GL/4 Edition 3

Gas system assets, safety management system
Published: Mar 2018

IGEM/GL/2 Edition 3

Planning of gas transmission and storage systems operating at pressures exceeding 16 bar
Published: Mar 2018

IGEM/GL/9 Edition 2

Guidance for large gas users in dealing with natural gas supply emergencies
Published: Jan 2018