Large Business Forum

What is the Large Business Forum (LBF)?

A group of larger businesses operating primarily in the downstream utilisation sector of the gas industry. These businesses come together to discuss engineering, safety and legislative issues that impact professionals working with gas in domestic and commercial premises. 

What is the purpose of the LBF?

To act as the a voice of the  downstream utilisation sector providing technical advice and support to regulators including the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)Gas Safe Register (GSR), Standards Setting Body, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)

To promote an environment which is gas safe for all with improved training, guidance and clarity to drive Quality, Knowledge and Performance.

To work within the regulatory framework applying a ‘common sense approach’ free of politics and commercial gain of individuals or individual organisations.

“There is no other forum that allows the larger gas business compliance professionals to interact, co-operate, share and resolve compliance issues in a non-competitive environment”

Who’s involved?

The group of businesses represented at LBF meetings includes; British Gas, EQUANS - (engie), Swale Heating Ltd, Mears Group PLC, HomeServe, E.ON Energy Solutions, Jigsaw Homes Group Ltd, Gasway Services Ltd, Kier Group Compliance, Kier Workplace Services, Currys Group Ltd, John N Dunn Group Ltd, Morgan Sindall Property Services Ltd, EDF Energy, T Brown Group Ltd, Siemens, Derry Building Services Ltd, Ovo Energy Field Force

Also, representatives from the following are Permanently Invited Guests: IGEM, HSE, IGEM/G/11 – GIUSP, HHIC and APHC.

The LBF work alongside IGEM and their colleagues operating the UK transmission & distribution network and metering to create clarity of understanding and agree best practice on many issues that have relevance to both sides. 


Many issues raised at LBF meetings have resulted in dedicated IGEM and industry working groups that have developed new and existing standards as well as improved training for the benefit of utilisation professionals to improve safety and efficiency in gas work.  

The LBF is the primary supporter of IGEM’s annual Gas Utilisation Conference, providing advice and guidance on topics to include on the programme and speakers to invite.