Comment on draft standards

The final stage of the development and review process for technical standards is to publish a draft version for individuals and organisations from across the gas sector to review and comment on.

Details of the draft standards on which we are currently seeking comment are given below.

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IGEM/GL/8 Edition 4 Notification, investigation and Reporting of gas-related incidents

A draft of IGEM/GL/8 Edition 4 Notification, investigation and Reporting of gas-related incidents, is available for comment.

This draft Standard IGEM/GL/8 Edition 4 has been prepared by a Panel and is submitted to industry for its consideration and comment. The draft can be found here and the comment form can be downloaded from here.


This Standard is for gas transporters (GTs) (as the term is referred to in Guidance paragraph 16 in the HSE document ‘A Guide to the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations 1996’ L80 which also includes GT licence exempt pipeline operators), and also consumers, gas operatives and others.

The document covers the reporting and investigation of incidents associated directly with the supply and use of fuel gases and associated equipment and is complementary to IGEM/G/11.


Please forward your comments on the draft standard, using the associated comment form to by 5 November 2021.