Accessing our standards

There are two ways to access IGEM’s technical standards; in hard copy or via an online licence which allows you to view electronic versions of the documents through this website.

To purchase a technical standard; in hard copy or via a licence you will first need to locate the web page relating to the standard that you wish to purchase.

From there you will be given the option to add the standard to your basket in either format. You can add as many additional standards into your basket as you like before proceeding to the check out.

If you are an individual member or your company is an Industrial Affiliate member then you will be eligible for a discount of 33% that will automatically be applied at the check out.

You can pay for your standards online or request an invoice from us. Once we have received your payment your hard copy standards will be dispatched to you, or your licence details will be confirmed and you will be able to view them online via the My IGEM section of this website.

Why opt for a technical standards licence? 

The technical standards licence was added to our offer in order to provide a more flexible way to access our standards. We understand that it may sometimes be necessary to have access to a hard copy version, however, there are many benefits to be gained by opting for an online licence; such as:

  1. You will be able to access the standard(s) that you need from anywhere with internet access. So you will never need to worry about your standards being left back at the office.

  2. All our standards are subject to regular reviews and updates. We offer licences for one or three years and for the duration of that licence you will be able to access the latest version of it including any amendments or updated versions. 

  3. You can purchase a licence for more than one individual. This means that all of the individuals across your organisation can be provided with the technical information that they need via a single licence.

Committees with working panels' structure

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