What counts as CPD?

There are a whole host of activities that can be counted as making a contribution to your CPD. Generally they can be split into four groups.

  1. Work based learning
    Learning by doing, coaching from others, discussions with colleagues, peer review, work shadowing and project work.

  2. Professional activities
    Involvement in a professional body (such as IGEM!), lecturing or teaching, mentoring, maintaining or developing specialist skills, delivering presentations or giving talks.

  3. Formal and educational
    Courses, further education, research, attending conferences, writing articles or papers.

  4. Self-directed learning
    Reading journals or articles, reviewing books or articles, updating your knowledge through the internet, TV or social media.

IGEM CPD opportunities

In line with our core objective to support professional competence and ensure safety, all of the activities that we engage in are designed to share knowledge and best practice and therefore support the professional development of each and every gas engineer and manager who interacts with us.

Here are just some of the CPD opportunities that we offer:

  • Meeting and networking with fellow members and likeminded professionals, asking questions, sharing ideas and seeking advice.

  • Reading our website, e-newsletters and journal

  • Writing an article for our journal

  • Reading, understanding and applying the best practice contained within our technical standards

  • Attending technical paper evenings

  • Going on technical visits

  • Completing our technical training courses

  • Attending our conferences

  • Speaking at our conferences and events

  • Participating in one of our technical panels or special interest groups

  • Working towards professional registration

  • Writing a technical report or professional review report

  • Mentoring fellow professionals whilst they obtain their professional title

  • Contributing to the future direction of the Institution by becoming a member of our Council

  • Chairing or participating in one of our committees

  • Assisting in the running of a local section

Benefits of CPD

Regularly undertaking CPD activities demonstrates your commitment to maintaining your professional competence. It helps to demonstrate to the wider engineering community and to the public your continued competence, high safety levels and professionalism. It’s also a great way to help you stand out from the crowd when you are looking to progress your career.