Recording CPD

Can you recall what you were doing this time yesterday? How about last year? What about five years ago? Because CPD is something that you will do throughout your career, it's important that you keep a record of it, even if you have a superhuman memory. 

All of our members have access to mycareerpath, a tool designed to help them record the CPD activities they undertake. Once you're signed up, you'll be able to access mycareerpath from your My IGEM homepage.  

Our mycareerpath tool can assist you in planning, recording and reflecting on the skills, knowledge and experience you gain both formally and informally as you progress through your career. You can also download a CPD plan at the bottom of this page.

CPD may sound daunting but it’s really not. Keeping up to date with the latest advances in engineering may simply mean reading our journal, Gi, visiting the news section of our website or reviewing our e-newsletters.

The key to successfully undertaking CPD is to build it into your working week. Make it something that you do each and every day and you will soon find that your CPD record is a list as long as your arm.

mycareerpath is a member only service. Apply now