Academic panel assessment

If your academic qualifications have not been accredited as partially or fully satisfying the educational requirements for IEng or CEng then your application will require and academic assessment.

We will ask you to provide us with copies of your qualification certificates and transcripts and will submit these, along with your initial application form to our academic panel who will carry out the assessment. 

Outcomes of academic panel assessment

The outcome of this assessment will be one of the following:

1. The panel feel that the combination of qualifications that you hold is sufficient to meet the education requirements of UK-SPEC for the grade of registration you originally applied. Your application will progress to the next stage, which is professional review.

2. The panel will approve your qualifications as meeting the requirements of UK-SPEC for an alternative grade of registration. If this is the case we'll contact you to discuss how you want to progress.

3. The panel will confirm that you need to undertake further learning. This may be in the form of an additional academic qualification or vocational training. Alternatively, you might be given the option of producing a technical report as a means of demonstrating your knowledge.